Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nature Walk- August 2013

There is a jungle behind our house that we were able to explore with some other homeschoolers that live in housing.  It was fun to see all the new species of plants that we've never seen before.
This is the coconut I planted in my yard.  It's sprouting!

Escambron- Aug 2013

One of our closest beaches, right in Old San Juan.  Just lovely.

Old San Juan, August 2013

Old San Juan- ancient fortifications, brightly colored shops, intricate ironwork, and lively salsa music in the air.  It is a truly European, truly Caribbean, truly Puerto Rican city!
Petey exploring the iconic sentry boxes seen around the fortifications.

Parque de las Palomas- sounds purty but it is crawling with pigeons.

Flying kites at El Morro- amazing!


View from El Morro back towards the cemetery and La Perla.

Overlooking USCG Sector San Juan

Yes, I got pooped on.  

El Yunque- August 2013

La Coca Falls

View from Yokahu tower

All the way to the Atlantic!

We had this small waterfall all to ourselves. 

The rainforest just teems with life.  I loved seeing all the different plants thriving wherever they could sprout.

El Yunque was stunningly beautiful- I think we're gonna like it on this island!