Friday, November 18, 2011

An afternoon at the Capitol

This being our last year in the DC area (unless we are strangely surprised) we feel the impetus to see and do in the area.  I emailed Senator Jeff Sessions's office (we are still Alabama residents) to arrange a tour of the Capitol and the White House this fall.  Today was the Capitol tour and it was very informative, and yes, very stirring for the patriotic juices.  I mean, we have an amazing heritage...amazing.  At the same time patriotic fervor stirred my soul, I felt a sadness at how far we've strayed as a nation....but that I won't go into here.  Maybe later. 

Here's the crew!  We metroed in- always a highlight for the kids.  In fact, they could probably just skip the whole historical tour thing and only ride the metro.

 The Capitol is a veritable treasure trove of statues.  Each state has sent two statues of their important historical figures, and they are sprinkled throughout the building.  Here is one from Alabama; Helen Keller. 

Looking up inside the original House chamber. 


The beautiful rotunda

This white spot is the exact center of Washington, DC, based on the architect's plans.  Neato!

This statue is a replica of the one on the top of the dome.  The Statue of Freedom.  Maybe she is Lady Liberty's sis. 

Dinner with Friends

Donna and Marc, friends from Alabama, were in town for a convention and we were able to meet them for dinner.  It was so sweet and refreshing to catch up with them.  Alabama folks.  Sigh.

Mac-Attack is 5!

Mac turned five on the 14th and we had a pool party at the Rec Center near us.  How fun is it to have a pool party in November?  The kids splashed and played and then we ate shark cake and opened presents.  I decided the shark looks more like a piranha, unless you visualize a shark rising up out of the water, with just his face and part of his fin showing. Good thing I have a non-picky customer. Mac thought it was great.  Jay saved the cake this year, as my gray icing looked more like some sort of yucky putty and I couldn't figure out how to do the shark mouth.  On the actual day of Mac's bday we celebrated with birthday donuts!

Baby's First Mohawk (ok, Fo-hawk)

Fall Fun

We have had wonderful weather this month- cool crisp sunny days just right for outside fun.

Pohick Loop Trail is located near us- it is right near an army post so there is a great sign warning you to stay on the trail- "unexploded ordnance" may be found.  Warning!  It is a great trail that overlooks a marshy area and crosses some creeks.

The Giving tree?

We love to visit the horses at nearby Woodlawn Stables.  Ruthie is still infatuated with horses, so I'm glad this place is nearby so she can get some horse time.  Woodlawn actually has a horse named Penny and one named Patriot-the names of the horses that started Ruthie's craze, from the American Girl "Felicity" books. 

2011 Commandant's Ball


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October- Harrisburg, PA; Relevant Conference

October wound to a close with a wonderful weekend with my friend Jen.  We had planned for months to attend the Relevant Conference for Christian women bloggers, not really sure what to expect.  I was mainly excited to spend time with Jen and maybe find some new insights into the blogging world, with fresh inspiration for some blogging ideas I've had for a while.  I'd say both of my goals were met during this enjoyable weekend- plus we got snow!  It was strange with the fall leaves still full on the trees, but Jen was super excited since she is now a Florida resident, and Petey got to see his first blizzard.  We had to go out and celebrate!  Just so you know, Jen was wearing a dress and had bare legs in these pictures.  I told her they wouldn't show and she was nice enough to humor me and get out in the cold!

 Peter was also excited about stopping at Chick-Fil-A on the the trip to PA.

 Meeting Ann Voskamp was a highlight for us.  Her book is:

Harrisburg is right near Hershey so during our 20 minutes of free time we jetted over and went to Chocolate World.  That place smells just right. Cue the sound of angels singing.

If only we'd had time for the chocolate massage.

October- Pumpkin Patch

On the way out of New York City we went with our Brooklyn friends to a punkin patch in New Jersey.  Pete had his first hay ride...

....and here's the whole crew (except Jessie's sister Julie who took the picture). 

October- Petey is 7 months old

Sleepy baby

Look at the sweet hands folded under his little chin
Waking up all smiles...

Happy hands!