Thursday, July 12, 2012

Water Party

Our church has an end-of-the-year water party for the Sunday night kids program and this year our friends Ruby and Becca were there with us.  The Alexandria Fire Department came and turned on a huge sprinkler used for attic fires.  The kids had a blast throwing water balloons and shooting water guns too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friends from Mobile

When friends drive 16 hours to see you, it is a big occasion.  And it makes you feel loved.  We love and miss the Steedleys, who live in our neighborhood in Mobile and attended church with us in Mobile and who we have known since college days. 

We saw the Vietnam Memorial...

...pondered Mr. Lincoln...

...loved on each other...

...played on "that random tree" on the National Mall...

...rode the carousel on the Mall...

...checked out the US Botanic Gardens...

  ...and the Capitol...

 ...and generally wore ourselves out (some of it had to do with dodging 100,000 Girl Scouts in town for a celebration...)

We had some colonial fun at Mt. Vernon, water party fun at church, and s'more fun at our backyard fire pit.  Whew!  We wish the Steedleys could come more often!

Farmer's Market

Ruthie's Recital: Rapunzel

Ruthie had her dancing debut the first weekend in June.  The studio did a "ballet" based on the movie "Rapunzel."  Ruthie was graceful and beautiful and we were very proud of her.

Pete's first haircut (end of May 2012)

Peter was a champ during his first official haircut.  He sat on my lap and was very still.  I think it turned out nicely, and the barber, Phat, didn't even charge us!  Whoohoo!  For some reason I get very sentimental about first haircuts.  Especially Pete's- his hair is so curly and soft and precious.  It gets too unruly, though, and as summer approaches he might need an even shorter one.

Arlington 5-25-12

"On the far shore the sloping hills of Arlington National Cemetery, with its row upon row of simple white markers bearing crosses or Stars of David. They add up to only a tiny fraction of the price that has been paid for our freedom."
-Ronald Reagan

Jim and Becky (May 2012)

One of the fun things about living in the DC area is that lots of people come here for one reason or another.  Our pastor from our church in Mobile, Jim, and his wife Becky, two of our dearest friends, who counseled us pre-marriage and married us and loved us came up for a conference and we went to dinner with them.  I picked a Czech restaurant since Jim and Becky and I have lived in Prague- and how often do you find Eastern European fare?  It was so refreshing and fun to sit and talk and catch up.  (I had taken a picture of all 4 of us but it didn't save...)

Mother's Day (May 2012)

Brooklyn Pete

Mommy went to Brooklyn and I got this cool shirt.

Pete's curly backofthead.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In (May 4-6)

Brooklyn is home to one of my besties, Jessie and her family.  Ruthie and I gotaway for a fun "girl's weekend" in early May.  Springtime in New York....ahhh the sights and sounds.  We ate sushi for the first time, went to the Met and hung out with Mr. Van Gogh and all his friends, shopped at a market in Prospect Park and all around Park Slope, climbed rocks in Central Park, ate Thai and Mister Softee and generally had lotsa fun and relaxation.   

 Georgia and Ruthie climbing rocks in Central Park.

 Hey Claire!  Hey robot!

 Vin and I

Ru and the Little Dancer

 Oh way Oh