Wednesday, February 27, 2008

La La La La

I love the new commercial for that really thin Mac. The song just makes me so happy. I found the lady that sings it, Yael Naim- there is a great video on YouTube (just google it, people-I couldn't copy the address for some reason). I downloaded the song and now I want the laptop for Christmas. (loud laughter, no- really really loud laughter here)

Misadventures Unlimited

Remind me never to take my children to a professional photographer again. Or if I do go, to drink a Dr. Pepper and smoke marijuana beforehand. (Joking about the Mary J. Juana) My children do not do well. Ruthie refused to smile. It was like she and the photographer were having a stare off. She kept wanting me in the picture, and so Ms. Photographer humored her with a lovely shot including me with yoga pants and day old smeary mascara. I think I'll order that one for sure. Mac smiled plenty, but would not stay in the proper picture-taking area, and tried to stay glued to my leg most of the time. He was mainly interested in the goldfish I used to get him to sit still. I think that kind lady let out a sigh of relief when we left. We tried to turn the day around by getting ChickerAys as Ruthie calls Chick-Fil-A, and eating at the park, but a cold front had come through while I was fighting for smiles, and we were not dressed appropriately. And it was trying to rain, so we went home and took long naps. That is the way to turn a day around. Or a week.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Closer to Turpen-Fine

This past Saturday night Jay and I went to a really great concert. I was trying to think of a concert to pretend to have been to that would solidify our 80s hairband follower status, like Cinderella, because my last concert post was about the Poison concert last summer. But I think most of those bands have run out of hairspray and can't tour anymore. This concert I picked, and it was one of my favorites ever. It was the Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile. Most people have heard of the Indigo Girls, but Brandi Carlile is an up and coming artist from Seattle. I was probably more excited about her, since I've been hearing her on my favorite local station (92 Zew) and I immediately loved her voice and the impressive lyrics she writes. I have lots of fun Indigo Girl memories from college, mainly roadtripping-top-of-the-lungs sing alongs accompanied by crazy hand motions while pondering the meaning of life kind of things. I'd love to be able to transport you to the concert to see and hear and feel what it felt like, but I think it is hard to do. I will tell you what I saw- a beautiful old theatre, redone like new, shiny and grand. I saw Brandi Carlile, about the size of a Barbie on the stage as I looked down, down-with skinny leg jeans and pale barefeet sticking out, one turning in awkwardly like a little girl, tapping to the music. There was a cello player whose deep resonant playing added the soulful background the the acoustic guitars. I saw Brandi leaning in to the microphone and filling the theatre with her amazing tone and range. I saw the Indigo Girls play, singing their philosopher songs and inviting the crowd to sing along. I heard a guy behind me scream out "Galileo!" every time they paused between songs. I heard amazing two-part and three-part harmony(when they called Ms Carlile back out to sing with them), and the rollicking strains of the accordion as the Indigo Girls sang into the night.

*One interesting note- we barely made it in time for the concert because the #$*&*% Mardi Gras parades were rolling and we got stuck on the wrong side of one and had to follow it forever.

*The one baby in the entire theatre sat beside me. Ironic to say the least. When I see babies out that late I usually jump to judgment..." I can't believe that mom has her baby out this late!" But you know, I don't know their situation-maybe their child care fell through, or they coundn't afford to pay someone etc etc. The benefit of the doubt is a good thing. Especially when the doubt comes to sit beside you and claps and smiles and is generally a sweet baby.