Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor Jay!

The man needs a Snuggie! Look how miserable he is! How sad! See how the blanket slips off his shoulder as he reaches for the remote?

Military Mardi Gras Ball 2009

Well, it's that time of year again. The time when people knock each other down for plastic beads, squashed moon pies, cheap plastic cups and crusty teddy bears- Mardi Gras in Mobile! Jay and I enjoy the Military Ball every year, and this year I was able to squeeze myself and my volleyball into last year's dress! That was priceless, let me tell you. I got some funny looks- I guess pregos don't usually go to balls. The sit down dinner was nice, and it is just fun to get dressed up perty now and then. This year there was a cardboard Coastie there- Bob, and I was lucky enough to get my picture with him. His wife said he wanted to come but was not able, so she brought the cardboard version of him. I am glad I had real Jay with me. He is now a Lieutenant JG, and really stays busy working on CG duties despite the fact that he is a Reservist. I am proud of his service to our country, and I hope he continues to succeed in it and enjoy it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hodgepodge's Book Selections of the Month- February

This month I have chosen two books by a wonderful author, John S. Goodall, a painter who actually painted portraits of England's royal family and began creating children's books for his daughter and granddaughter. His books have wonderful watercolor illustrations, but no words. Some people might be intimidated by the idea of having to tell the story on your own, but I think it is a really good exercise for one's brain. It is also a good way to teach your child how to be imaginative as they can contribute as the story unfolds. Goodall alternates full and half pages, which is another interesting thing about these charming little books.

We own The Midnight Adventures of Kelly, Dot, and Esmeralda, which tells the story of two toys and a mouse who jump through a painting on their toy shelf and go on an exciting, and harrowing adventure. We also have Shrewbettina's Birthday, about a sweet little shrew lady who throws a party for her friends on her birthday. The two we discovered at the library are The Surprise Picnic, and Naughty Nancy. The Surprise Picnic is my favorite and it unfolds the tale of a mother cat and her two kittens who go on a picnic on a sunny day, which turns into a fiasco but ends happily. In Naughty Nancy, the title character is a little girl mouse who gets into mischief on her older sister's wedding day, including stowing away in her honeymoon trunk! Ruthie really loves these books, and we hope we can find more on our next trip to the library. Enjoy!

(The publisher's website for Goodall's books is www.simonsayskids.com.)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ruthie's 4th Birthday

This year Ruthie had an all-girls Princess Tea Party at our house. (This was back in January, but of course I am just now posting this.) It was so much fun to have our friends and cousins over- the girls played "Pretty, Pretty Princess" and had "tea" (pink lemonade actually) from tiny little polka-dot tea cups. Even baby Victoria was a princess (see second picture with my mom holding her). I love the picture of Paige sipping her tea, and wearing her princess hat (third pic). The bottom picture shows Becca, Paige, Bailey, Ruthie, and Annabelle decked out in their princess dresses.

I have to say " I can't believe Ruthie is four," because it is really true. She is so grown-up, independent, smart and beautiful. She loves reading, has books memorized and "reads" them to Mac. She is now really in to role-playing, like playing Hospital, or Nutcracker, or Library, and we dress up and imagine every day. Her favorite foods are chips and salsa, tacos, and she still loves good old plain avocado. Ruthie is really a girly-girl, and wants to wear a dress every day. Some of my favorite recent quotes,

"Mac, I think you're so cute I want to marry you. But I can't and that makes me so sad."

"Daddy I see hairs up in your nose. They look like rat whiskers."

She tells us stories too, and a recent one involved two princesses named Joshua and Syrup and they got married (to two princes) and had babies and lived happily ever after.

Ruthie is a joy, and I love watching her grow and learn and love and live life so freely. Our greatest prayer is for her heart, that she would love Jesus above all else and follow him. She has a compassionate heart, and I can see the Lord at work in her.