Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Button on Sidebar- Pray for Baby Karis!

If you will notice the precious baby girl on the sidebar- this is Karis Almy, the daughter of Katie and Trevor, friends of ours who are currently in Seminary in Jackson, MS. Karis has Krabbe's disease, a fatal genetic condition, and we have been praying since her diagnosis for healing! Please join us- and check out the Almy's blog for updates on little Karis.

"For we were so utterly burdened beyond our strength that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead." 2 Corinthians 1:8-9

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

High 66! What?

Yesterday was such a gift- it started out rainy but the rain was chased away and the day was balmy and sunny, with a high of 66 degrees! It was really wonderful despite the fact that I spent the morning at Dewitt Army Hospital, and that I had been up all night with a sick child. We saw a tiny rainbow fighting through the clouds as we prayed for a parking space and circled the overcrowded lot.

Harris was due for his 9 month check up- but he had been sick with congestion and a fever and vomiting so our "well check" was not exactly that. But his measurements were good, and the nurse practitioner we saw said his illness is viral, something we just have to wait out.

Ruthie also had her 5 year check up, and passed with flying colors. She likes going to the doctor now- it gives her ideas for when we play doctor.

Jay ran 4 miles and washed and waxed the van, that is how nice it was outside! I got to go out with friends for dinner and a movie- a definite treat. It was hard to leave with sick children at home, but it really was so refreshing to be with friends, enjoy a nice meal, and watch "The Blindside." As I was driving to the restaurant I heard a dj forecasting 6 inches of snow at the end of the week. It was so weird, as I drove with the windows down, no jacket on, to hear about snow coming. I knew the mildness was short-lived, and January would return with a vengeance. But the promise of spring is there! Winter doesn't win!

We Be Illin

So pray for us! We are fighting off colds and a stomach virus. One question- why must the barfing always begin the night we have something red and chunky for dinner? Just wondering.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Ruthie!

Ruthie turned 5 on the 15th and we celebrated with a Mermaid Party on Saturday!

Yummy mermaid cake! (It was quite labor intensive to make, but I thought it turned out ok. Ruthie's comment when she saw it in the morning, "Isn't she supposed to be sitting on a rock?" Funny. She liked it, but she is the world's expert on mermaids, and she knew this was an imposter.)

The two boys Ruthie invited were unable to come be pirates with Mac, but Mella's little brother Dante was there to have some swashbuckling fun!
Hugs and presents from sweet friends!

Jalon, Ruthie, Mella, and Evelyn- beautiful girlies show off their mermaid crowns.

The girls colored the mermaid, and played "pin the tail on the mermaid."

Ruthie indoctrinating her friends- reading "The Nutcracker" to them. Notice Mac spying from up above.

Decorating the crowns with pretty jewels, starfish, seahorses and sea turtles! The girls also got a strand of mermaid pearls as a party favor.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's up, dog? (not the temperature outside, I assure you)

To conserve energy we have shut the vents in our guest room/computer room meaning I am frrrreeezing right now and this will be quick. I am officially tired of the cold weather, and I think when it warms up to somewhere near 40 I will feel like it is warm outside and we will go have a picnic. Didn't know we were moving to MINNESOTA! I foolishly thought this was VIRGINIA, once considered part of the CONFEDERACY, the SOUTH. Not FROZEN TUNDRA. Oh well. I'll stop complaining. Here is what we've been doing:

-The kids are definitely feeling the lack of outdoor recreation. I am feeling their lack of outdoor recreation. We are all a little wild-eyed and snippy lately.

-One of Ruthie's dreams came true on Saturday- she started ballet lessons! She was so excited, it was precious to behold. I will take and post pictures later- didn't want to stress her out on her first day. I asked her what her favorite part of the class was, and she said dreamily, "Everything."

-Harris (almost 9 months old now) is getting 4 top teeth at once. The two eye teeth have cut through, but the front two are still taking their sweet time. So I think this is why he is up once every night, usually around 2 a.m. It wearies me, but letting him cry it out just seems wrong at this point. I am weak. It is just easier to feed him, which takes less than 5 minutes, and go back to bed. He is certainly not lacking for food- he weighs 20.5 lbs. based on my bathroom scale. Wow. My other two were barely 20 lbs at the one year mark.

-Jay has started classes for his Masters. He will be gone a good bit in the evenings and weekends, which is not fun, but it is only for a short while.

-I am joining the choir at church. It is time to stun them with my amazing voice that I have been honing by singing "Burning Down the House" with Mac. Solo here I come! (you know I'm kidding, don't you?) I have also been working on the kitchen walls-stripping wallpaper- not fun, but rather cathartic. I can't wait to be done since Jay has said he will paint for me. The walls will be a lovely shade of green, and I have curtains standing ready. I am also waiting for Jay to hang some curtain rods so I can invent some curtains in the dining room and master bedroom. Stay tuned!

My legs are tingly
and my nose is froze
so I will not compose
anymore for those
of you who want to knows
what's up, dog?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From the mouth of a three year old boy...

Recent Mac-isms:

  • He calls Ashley Rose, our babysitter, Actually Rose.
  • At night I put vaseline on his nose and cheeks since they've been pretty chapped this winter. He says "gasoline." "Mommy, I won't cry when you put gasoline on my nose. I'll be good." Thanks Mac.
  • The other day Mac was dancing and I suggested that Jay teach him some breakdancing moves, like the worm. Jay said he couldn't do the worm but he used to be able to do the centipede. Then Mac says, "Papa eats centipede on his bagel in the tv room every day." I racked my brain, and finally figured out what he meant. Papa eats cinnamon on his bagel every day.

That boy is too cute!

Watch me now! Mac dancing on Christmas Day to Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis." Rappy New Year!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yep, looks like a Picasso to me

This is Mac's latest creation- he has traced his little hand and decorated it. I think it is super cool. He actually brought it to me when I was on the computer, stuck it in the scanner and said he wanted me to put it in the computer. Thought I'd share it with you.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was the usual wonderful whirlwind of unwrapping and reaching way down into stockings, exclamations and gasps of delight. Ruth and Mac both got bikes, and Harris loved his new Camelbak, books, and anything he could put in his mouth. He was also excited that his first Christmas was a white Christmas- that is really something. We enjoyed our day-joy to the world, the Lord is come! Hark the Herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king, peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled! This was the kids favorite hymn this year- they even got the big words down. I love hearing them running around singing "God and sinners reconciled!" at the top of their lungs. Rejoice!

As predicted, Harris has discovered the stairs, and is now pulling up on things like people and couches.

Mac loves his new harmonica. He's got soul.

Ruthie likes her new Fancy Nancy stuff- posh puppy Frenchie, and the book, plus an outfit she can wear that matches her Nancy doll.