Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Baby Hodges 2

Here is the latest ultrasound picture of our little boy. You can see his face looking at you, his nose squished, and a little bit of his hand by his chin. My husband says these ultrasound pictures are like those magic eye pictures that you have to look at from a distance, squint, and hope you can see the hidden dinosaur or whatever. Maybe it's just a mother's gift, but I can always see just what the picture is. This one was taken on September 11, and I think he is a handsome little guy. During the ultrasound he opened his eyes, then he sucked in fluid through his mouth and blew it out of his nose. It looked like he was coughing, but the doctor said he was just breathing the fluid. It was really fun to watch. He is a very active little boy. He's kicking as I write this. I can't wait to meet him and find out just what he's like. It is so amazing to think of the life that is growing inside me. My belly looks like a basketball, and it is sort of lopsided, veering off to the right. I feel very large, like I felt when it was time to deliver my daughter, but I still have about 6 weeks left. I'll post a picture of the belly when I can. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Do I look like I need a dog?

Funny- when I was typing the title of this post I went dyslexic and it said " Do I look like I need a god?" That is what lots of people ask, I think. The truth is we all have a god, whether or not it's the True One. We all worship at some shrine.

So I think my neighborhood has enrolled me in the adopt-a-dog program. Some sort of scrubby dog has joined me on every walk I've taken lately. One brown mutty dog actually decided to stay all night and I will call it The-Let-me--get-a-license-to-carry-and-learn-how- to-shoot-night (sorry PETA). I am not normally violent towards poor stray animals. In fact there was an article in the paper this Sunday about a county near my own that is euthanizing a record number of strays due to a lack of adequate boarding, and I was upset at the numbers. I was also upset at the idiots who don't spay and neuter their pets, and the ones who don't take care of their animals or abandon them. But this Night as the dog took upon himself the duty of barking at every sound or movement in my carport, I decided that euthanasia has it's place. I am a pregnant, light sleeper, so it was a tough night. And my husband was out of town, else he could have unleashed the BB gun on poor Rover. (I didn't necessarily want to hurt him, I just wanted him to leave.) My other delirious minded idea was to put Benadryl in a chunk of meat and throw it to him. That would probably have worked, but again, I didn't want to risk killing him. Rover left the next morning and I haven't seen him since. I did have the fleeting idea that God sent the dog to protect me from some unknown harm that could have come to me that night, alone in my house with my 20 month old. Who can know his ways? I sure don't claim to. It was a happy idea. Just not at 3:30 in the morning.

Last week a dog with a white coat and two big brown spots followed me home. He slept in my flower bed until his owner came to get him that afternoon. She said he always runs away to my neighborhood. It must be every dog's dream. Today a black pit-bull looking dog followed me for part of my walk. I was able to shake him off. I'm learning to not greet the doggies in any way, and to occasionally say gruffly, "Go home, dog." My daughter does enjoy the doggies following us. It is good entertainment for her, as she often gets really squirmy by the time we make it home.

I love dogs, but I cringe at the thought of more responsibility. Dogs are wonderful and fun, but I will enjoy my friends' dogs and my parent's dogs and eat lots of hot-dogs, but no puppy for us for a while.

I have decided that one reason I haven't blogged for awhile is that I really rely on photos for my posts, and my camera is away getting fixed, so I feel thwarted. Plus my creativity has been somewhat absent. Here are some things that have been going on.

Where in the World is My Husband?
Jay is now an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. He is in the reserves, which means he serves a weekend a month and two weeks a year, unless his unit is deployed. His duty station is the Port security unit in Gulfport, MS, and he just spent his first weekend there this past weekend. He returned from three weeks of Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination in Connecticut about a week ago. I'm very proud of him, and I'm so glad he is able to serve his country like he's wanted to for so long. I got to go to his graduation in Connecticut, and it was so different to see him with his head shaved and his uniform on, marching and saluting. Of course I've always loved men in uniform, so it is definitely a positive thing for me. The down side has been Jay's absence. My daughter has been very sad, asking where DaDa is throughout the day. I kept telling her he flew to Connecticut on an airplane, which she thought was exciting, but she still missed him alot. I kept thinking about those military wives, my mom beeing one of them, who didn't have their husbands for 6 months to a year at a time, and I cannot imagine how hard that would be.

Marine Corps 5-K, Downtown Pensacola, FL, September 16
It was interesting to walk a 5K, 32 weeks pregnant pushing a baby stroller beside a 34 week pregnant sister-in-law, also pushing a baby stroller. It was especially funny when the entire Marine Corps passed us, chanting and singing, carrying flags, run-marching in their PT gear. My sister-in-law and I finished in about 50 minutes, which isn't bad for two pregos.

The Weather Update
I'm a bit of a weather-fanatic. I like following the fronts and trends and watching the radar, and I love storms. It has been smokin' hot down here until this week. A front pushed through early this morning, and our first twinges of fall have arrived. We had a lovely storm to usher it in, and I enjoyed it snuggled up with a pregnant sleeper's best friend- her body pillow. I am getting ancy for fall, and I want to start planting mums and stuff, but I know I must wait. Fall is fickle for us down in the Southlands. It flirts and teases.

Sweet Child Of Mine
My baby girl is really a little girl now. She loves playing like she's my baby. She'll bring her silky blankie and I wrap her in it and hold her like a tiny baby and pretend to burp her and rock her. She giggles and thinks it is so much fun. Babies are one of of her favorite things these days. She zeros in on them in public places and tries to take care of them in their carriers. I think this must be a good thing as we look forward to the arrival of her baby brother in November. She lifts up my shirt and pats my belly, giving baby brother little kisses and sometimes just laying her head on him. Very sweet.

She is using lots of words and interested in everything that's going on. She is in to looking for the moon at night ( which reminds me that I think I need to write a children's book on the Lunar cycle to explain why the moon is not always out at night, and sometimes out during the day.) She also loves choo-choo trains, and wants to go outside to try to find the one that we hear in the distance alot of days.

Today we played with play-doh for the first time. I'm not sure if this is the time to start that or if this will be a mistake, but I think supervised play-doh play within boundaries will work. She really liked the texture of it and would pick it to pieces, talking to herself the whole time. It was one of those precious heart-grabber moments that you want to freeze-frame and remember forever. These are especially poignant as she reaches these tough toddler days. She is starting to really exert her will and test mine.

One funny thing is that she says "Da" for yes, which we all know is the Russian word for yes. One wonderful thing she knows is the question "Who made you?" which she answers, "God." (This is the first question in the Shorter Catechism.) It is a precious and fearful thing for me to teach my child about God. I know how much I look like I need a God, and I can see how much she needs one too.

So, I hope to post some pictures soon- of my daughter, my Coastie husband, my trip to Connecticut, my huge basketball belly, etc.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the Rotisserie chicken that I am feasting on this week. Thanks, pal.

Jen, it was good to eat lunch with you today. Three cheers for moms who can still maintain a certain degree of spontaneity in life! And for friends who like cheese dip!

I really like Condoleeza Rice. She has impressed me every time I see her interviewed or speaking publicly. She is tactful, intelligent and well-spoken.