Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm joining the disgruntled party

"I voted" said the sticker on my shirt. This is really the first time I almost didn't vote. When I filled in my little bubble I noticed there was one labeled "uncommitted." I contemplated that, but figured, hey, I drove here to the polls and I might as well vote for someone. I am not a huge follower of political things, but I do usually find a candidate that aligns with what I believe, and one that I can vote for with confidence. This year, and I know it is just the primary, not so. I struggle between idealism voting- voting for that unknown guy who has no chance whatsoever; and strategic voting- voting for someone just because it is against someone else, or just voting for "the lesser of two weevils" (to quote Captain Aubrey in Master and Commander). I think the two weevils is what it will come down to on that Tuesday in November.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sense and Sensibility

Last weekend was a busy weekend, with Ruthie's 3rd birthday party and our 2nd annual Military Mardi Gras Ball that night. First of all, I can't believe Ruthie is three. That seems so old to me. My baby girl has certainly been replaced by a precocious little girl who wants to do everything by herself. If you ask Ruth what her favorite movie is she says "and Sensibility," or Sense and Sensibility- the adaptation of Jane Austen's novel. I love this. And it happened, not by my indoctrination but because she happened to wake up from a nap and come upon me watching the movie and she saw a baby, and that was it. She was hooked. Now she sits and watches parts of it, and knows the characters by name. I had to introduce Pride and Prejudice (the 2 hour version) because I was becoming weary of the Dashwoods, and probably reciting scenes in my sleep. Now we have "dance parties" or "balls" and she is Lizzie and I am Mr. Darcy or Jane. I love that she is able to sit and watch these movies (not in their entirety in one sitting, by any means) because they are such wonderful character studies and full of history and culture. Not that there is anything wrong with "Finding Nemo" or any Disney movies, but there is much to be said for an early introduction to classic literature, even in the form of a movie. Ruth is already a bibliophile, and I think her favorite movies are a reflection of that love.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pinelands Nursery

My brother Alan's Nursery's website is up and running. I think it looks great. I think my brother is great. Sort of like frosted flakes.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Local Landmark Closes

It appears on my latest drive-bys that the doors of the already abandoned looking Cimarron Club have closed for good. The rusty marquee is gone- the one that usually spelled out the exciting happenings like "Sexy Back Contest Tonight" or "com hav a drink with us" (I think they ran out of e's.) This club on the "Forgotten Corner of Mobile" has been a landmark for years and years. Mainly as the shadiest-looking-crusty-broken-window bar in the city. It says "members only" on the doors, and that has always made me wonder about what it would take to become a member of the Cimarron Club. Anyway, I imagined what they would put on the marquee if they had announced their closing like in You've Got Mail, when the landmark children's bookstore closed after 50 years- here is what I've come up with:
After (number) years and too many bloody drunken brawls
and police interventions to count
we are closing our doors
Maybe they'll put a Walgreens here
Thanks for being a part of our lives

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A hodges family Christmas

Here is the annual family picture. If you didn't get one it's because I ran out.
Romping with Daddy. I love matching jammies.
Mac, sorely tempted.
Our little Christmas angel.

We had a lovely Christmas/New Year. Here are some memorable things about it.

1. We were in our home for Christmas morning. It was very sweet and relaxing. Jay's mom and step-dad came Christmas Eve (JuJu and PawPaw were like Santa in their Tahoe, loaded down with presents for all the grandkids, blowing in from way up north Montgomery) and we all had chili and opened presents along with Jay's brother and family. Ruthie got to feed her baby cousin a bottle- she was in heaven.
2. I cooked my first turkey. He was an 18 pounder. He went down without a fight. We loved the leftovers.
3. Our tree didn't fall over this year. It leaned slightly to starboard, but it stayed up.
4. We went to my family for New Years and had greens and black-eyed peas and Jay and I got to go out on New Year's Eve with my brother and sis-in-law without kids!
5. We got to see our friends Craig and Cary Perry and meet their baby Seth. He is precious. It's always hard to catch up in two hours or less, but you get what you can and just be so happy we have heaven.
6. Ruthie is obsessed with Baby Jesus. She loves him and looks for him everywhere. She has seen his star in the east and has come to worship him. Her favorite Christmas carol was The Little Drummer Boy. She can sing the whole thing including each and every pa rum pum pum pum.
7. Mac was obsessed with the little green ball ornaments on the table right behind the couch. He would stand up on the couch, grab one, and try to run around the house with one in his mouth. Don't worry- he never made it very far. He had very good self-control with the tree. He would stand staring up at it and talk to it alot though.
8. Rootie got an umbrella (she walks around saying "tut, tut it looks like rain!" like Christopher Robin.)
9. The almost best moment of the whole month was when Jay almost sprayed the new shaving cream I got him all over his body because he thought it was body spray. The conversation-
Jay: You must really like how this smells (shaving cream poised to "spray")
Me: (back turned) I don't really know about how it smells, but it's supposed to be good for your skin.
Jay freezes. He reads the label. He starts laughing.
Jay: I thought it was body spray or something!
Me: Oh if only I hadn't answered!
Oh well.

Well so that is that

Well so that is that. Now we must dismantle the tree,
Putting the decorations back into their cardboard boxes-
Some have got broken-and carrying them up to the attic.
The holly and mistletoe must be taken down and burnt,
And the children got ready for school. There are enough
Left-overs to do, warmed up, for the rest of the week-
Not that we have much appetite, having drank such a lot,
Stayed up so late, attempted-quite unsuccessfully-
To love all our relatives, and in general
Grossly overestimated our powers. Once again
As in previous years we have seen the actual Vision and failed
To do more than entertain it as an agreeable
Possibility, once again we have sent Him away
Begging though to remain His disobedient servant,
The promising child who cannot keep his word for long.

-W. H. Auden