Monday, July 18, 2011

More Fun in DC

This past weekend we made it up in the Washington Monument to check out the view.  It was definitely a fun thing, especially for the kids who love spotting the "Momument" on our trips around Alexandria.  We picnicked on the Mall, remarking how you really can't do picnics in Mobile in the middle of July without being completely miserable, but here in VA this summer you can.  It was around 86 degrees and sunny, but the humidity was low and there was a light, constant breeze.  After the monument tour we walked back to the van and then realized we had left the key at Security!  So Jay got his exercise running back down the Mall to get it.  Meanwhile Mac decided he needed to go potty.  "No prob," I thought, noticing a huge line of portopottys across the street.  They were all locked so we walked to the National Gallery.  By the time we got there he magically no longer had to go potty, which was great because the National Gallery was closed.  I got a few pictures of the boys having fun on the prodigious stairs there, however, and that occupied them until Jay made it back to the van.  Whew!  We then drove to Gravelly Point, which is right on the Potomac at the end of runway 19 at Reagan National Airport.  They say it is one of the most difficult landings in the US. Incoming planes skim right over your head and land and taxi a stone's throw away.  The boys loved it!  (No pics because I was nursing the babe.)

Slurpee Day!

the latest in firehat technology

Peter- 4 months old

 Getting stronger!  I try to give him tummy time but he knows how to roll over right away because he dislikes holding his big noggin up!

Peter is officially a thumb-sucker like his big bro Harry.  It is so sweet, and now he is sleeping a full 12 hours at night, plus I often have to get him up from naps to feed him to keep him on a good schedule!  He is a great sleeper and is really laid back in general, which I am so thankful for.  He is very chirpy and talkative and loves to talk to the kids or Jay and I.  He hasn't been for his check up yet so I'm not sure how much he weighs, but he is big and is already wearing 6 month clothes.  His eyes are still blue, and sometimes his hair has a definite reddish tinge to it.  Everyone exclaims about his chubby cheeks and his general cuteness, and of course I must agree and I think he's the sweetest little kissable bubby boy in the world!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

morning rainbows

I inherited some beautiful prisms from both of my grandmothers.  In fact I think they both had them hanging in a few windows to catch the sun.  I have one in my kitchen window and every sunny morning our kitchen becomes a whirling dance of tiny rainbows.  It definitely helps me cheer up on some sleepy mornings.  Harry is the latest child to be charmed by the little colorful dancers and we had fun one recent morning, watching them spin and then slow, and then being very still on the counter... until we caught some on his nose!  Just one of those moments, so sweet to delight in his delight as the rainbows spun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stayin' Cool at the Pool

 Petey, relaxing in the shade. 

 Here are the "twins."  Everywhere we go people ask if they're twins.

While at the pool, Ruthie fell and busted her chin open so we spent some time at the ER that afternoon.  No stitches, just the skin glue, which we were thankful for.  (I didn't get a picture of it.) 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Independence Day!

We had a lovely 4th, grilling out for lunch and then meeting up with friends at the US Air Force Memorial to watch the fireworks in DC.  It was a wonderful celebration with kids playing, flags waving, good conversations, picnic dinners, listening to the Air Force band, watching the Air Force drill team, and then the fireworks over our nation's capital.  How patriotic can you get?  I also thought it was notable that the families in our group represented 4 of the 5 military services; Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines.

The day after the 4th we had our own firework celebration on our driveway.  Sparklers, snappers, flaming tanks and fountains of sparks greatly entertained the kids.  It was so sweet to see their delight and joy in our little celebration.  I am very partial to sparklers- they take me back to my childhood and they're just so sparkly and fun!  Happy Bday America! 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ruthie as Lightning

Inspired by recent storms and our conversation about Ben Franklin and lightning.  So creative, I think.  This also proves that, yes, she does wear things other than one certain colonial dress.  Sand buckets and old shawls.

VBS Top Five

5. Fun mornings for the kids, out of the house, with friends
4. Free mucus green shirts
3. A little social time/errand time/VBS helping for me while the kids were occupied
2.Watching kids from the local Latin community hear the gospel
1.Hearing the kids sing praises to the Lord, and yes, I admit, I actually enjoy these songs too!  What?

"Girls Make History" Day at the Navy Museum

The National Museum of the Navy is located at the Navy Yard in DC, and we went recently to a special event they put on that was built around the American Girl Dolls.  Yes, it seems that is all we do lately, but really it is just coincidental that they happened two weekends in a row.  I think.  We've been wanting to check out the museum anyway and it seemed a good way to engage Ruthie.  It really was an amazing event- the volunteers were so helpful and welcoming, and they had so many cool crafts that tied each American Girl Doll's historical period to Naval history. I was told this museum does monthly events for homeschoolers during the school year so we will definitely check those out. 

 Anchors Aweigh!

The museum has lots of "hands-on" displays that the boys loved. 

Even the boys got involved in making Addy's (the Civil War era doll) Newspapers, with stamps of boats and cannons.

 Ruthie's sweet friends Julia and Maggie were there too!

We toured the USS Barry which is docked near the museum.

P.S. The day after we were there, a girl I knew at our church in Mobile messaged me on Facebook, saying she thought she saw me at the Navy Yard in DC, and was it me?  Chalk up another Kevin Bacon.


Pete, representin for Jay

very serious, and oh, the cheeks!

This below is what I walked in and saw one morning recently...

Ruthie had gotten one of her baby bonnets, and Pete was wearing it.  He looks rather Amish, I think.

What a wake-up committee!  Peter will never lack for attention, that's for sure.  These three LOVE him to pieces.  It is so sweet to see.