Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Tales of a 1-year old

Apparently November has been "no blogging for Merrill month." Oh well. There ARE better things to be doing with my time. Like taking a shower. Hmmmm. Or taking a nap. Hmmmm. Sad that there must be a trade off in life nowadays. Stinky Merrill, or Blogging Merrill. Grumpy Merrill, or Blogging Merrill. Ok, that will do- I always find it odd to refer to myself in the third person.

The main event this month was Mac's first birthday. It was fun watching him destroy his first cupcake, and he did seem to enjoy the presents and of course, having family and friends there to let him know something exciting was going on.

The day after Mac's party we had a real scare when he somehow opened a bottle of nail polish and brushed it in his eye and mouth. Jay flushed it out while I was on the phone with Poison Control, and he suffered no ill-effects. Really, by the grace of God. We could look back and see his hand in the way it all played out. The rest of the day was just sweet family time, as something like this puts things into perspective. Even though it might not sound like a big deal, it really was in the midst of it. Every day I take things for granted, like my children's health, eyesight, ability to walk, even their little lives. So this day we put on more cabinet locks and humbly thanked the Lord for his hand in our lives.

Here are some fun facts about little Mac:
Weight: 18 lbs 5 oz
Hair: light brown and scruffy
Favorite thing to do: pull out all the wipes from the wipes container and distribute them around the room, then put one in mouth and carry it around like a puppy
Other favorite things to do: growl and wrestle, and pat people on the back, dance, romp with sister and Daddy
Teeth: he's getting 4 front uppers all at once, he likes to get them brushed too (he has three front bottom teeth already)
Walking: He is starting to branch out from the couch and wall more and more, but usually like he's running, and then he falls
Words: I swear he has said, Daisy (my parents black lab) and bootie (as in shake your)-this is learned from big sis; of course he says mama
Favorite foods: black eyed peas, deli turkey slices, cheese, ravioli
Hates: going to the doctor, what a fit!
Favorite toys: dino blankie to sleep with, and he loves his new Tonka walk-behind truck, and my cell phone
Bathtime fun: sitting under the faucet, trying to catch the water

Mac is such a delightful baby boy. I literally kiss his face off every day, and I love his huge grin and playful spirit. He is such a gift to our family.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

November is...

National Novel Writing Month: go to their website all ye scribblers and pound out a novel in thirty days.

Hot in South Alabama: today's high, 80 degrees. It makes me ill to hear my air conditioner come on. Good thing I didn't put my tank tops away.

My son's birth month! I simply cannot believe he will be a year old this month. This is also my nephew Alee's birthday month. He was born a day before Mac. (In case you didn't notice, I now have a niece named Alli and a nephew named Alee. Three cheers for gender neutral names.)

My parent's anniversary month. Way to go parentals. I can never remember how many years. I think 35 years.

My blogiversary. Two years and still typee -type- typing. I'd like to thank God, and Dell.....

Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays. I love turkey and stuffing and cranberries and green bean casserole. I think I could eat my body weight in green bean casserole. Jay likes green bean casserole. This is a good thing.

Time change I think it might be this weekend. I don't like the Daylight savings thing now that I have kids. It is sort of like jet lag, but you don't go anywhere.

Noviembre in espanol.

Eleventh month in the year.

Christmas Season at Wal-Mart. Hark the Herald, baby! Thanksgiving is definitely November's ugly step-child in the retail world.

The End of Hurricane Season! This is only sad for the Weather Channel people. I think they go into a "tropical depression" until June comes back around. What will they do without the chance to chase after a tropical storm in their Gore-Tex windbreakers with the wind and rain thrashing them around as they holler into their huge microphones and try to hold their hoods on with great effort but little effect? What will Jim Cantore do if he's not able to stand on a beach and talk with great intensity about the cone of uncertainty and storm surge and whether or not you have batteries and drinking water? I for one am glad to see the season go, and thank the Lord he spared the Gulf Coast for another year.

Did I miss anything?