Monday, February 11, 2013

So I finally clicked on the little pen and decided to re-enter the blogosphere after a 7 month hiatus.  I think what happened is that I got too far behind and really wanted to catch up, but it became impossible and I quit.  Not to mention that the school year started, which included teaching 2 students this year- and I have barely been able to keep my head above water.  Blogging had to go.  I think I also lost some of my heart for it- it's been a hard year after the loss of Dad, and many things just seemed unimportant. 

I make no promises coming back, but if I could do one post a week, I feel like it would be realistic and not overwhelming.  Anyhoo- I do just want to do a really quick recap of the second half of 2012, with just a few pictures. 

Swimming in the Bay with friends Ezra and Isaac

Fun on the 4th with friends at the AF Memorial overlooking the District

Jay's birthday

went to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe with our friend Mella

I was able to fly down by myself to spend a week with Mom

 and my nieces and nephew
 and celebrate my bro's bday
Ruthie had fun at a horse camp in MD

Petey kept growing and growing...

And we checked out Georgetown

We did some hiking at Sky Meadows State Park

And apple picking at Stribling Orchard

curly Pete

We toured the 1800s era privateer USS Baltimore at the Navy Yard

Family pictures in September

Fall was beautiful this year- we went to the National Zoo


October was our annual trip to NC for hiking and fun. 

bunches of cousins!

Petey 19 months old

My sweet friend Mallory came up from AL for some fall fun in DC.  I loved it!


Jay and I got to dress up for the Commandant's Ball in early November.


Mac's 6th birthday was in November- the kids got a truck ride to play at the park

and a monster truck cake

For Thanksgiving we traveled South and got to see both sides of our family- the Hodges...

JuJu and PawPaw

And fun at the beach near my Mom's place.  Navarre Beach.

canoeing in Milton, then back in DC...
We toured the White House which was decorated for Christmas.  It was stunning!

And the year ended with Christmas guests- my Mom and brother and his family made the trek up to see us again.

We did a driving tour of Gettysburg in the snow...

And toured the National Museum of the Marine Corps- this is the flag raised over Iwo Jima.

There ya go.  2012.  Whew.