Thursday, December 21, 2006

What Child is this?

The Incarnation has always been a story of wonder, mystery, amazement to me. I've tried to imagine what it must have been like for all the people involved. The shepherds, Joseph, Mary's family, even Elizabeth. This year I find myself thinking more about Mary and wondering about all the details between the lines of the story in Luke that is so familiar and precious to me. And I find myself looking into the sleeping face of my newborn son and crying as I think of the Creator of the universe coming as a tiny, blood-covered infant, so suddenly dependent on his human parents for survival. His head lopsided from his journey through the birth canal. Every sense shocked at this entrance into air and humanity. His fists clenched, his lungs screaming as they learn to breathe. The King of Kings, wrapped in cloths, suckling at the breast of a young woman, sustained by her body as the milk flows into his stomach. He sighs and is full. She places him in the feeding trough, swaddled tightly, arms and legs bound. The Son of God, unable to hold up his head, his only means of communication a newborn's wailing. What a plunge, what a degradation. What foolishness! What a way to redeem a wayward, whoring people to Himself. My heart yearns to understand this God more. So I hold my baby so close, and I whisper to him of a King who came wrapped in flesh. I kiss my soft-skinned boy and think of another boy who came screaming into the world and was held in trembling hands, and was kissed by a woman as fumbling and frail as me. He chose our frailty. He stooped and took on the mantle of humanity. Bloody, gasping, time-locked humanity. The Word made flesh. God with us.

"Haste, haste, to bring him laud
The babe, the son of Mary."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Jessie!!!!!

Let it be known this 13th day of December, year of our Lord 2006, that the Hodges have high speed internet and it is like a balm to my soul. Farewell dial-up! Rest in peace you destroyer of my time and patience! I feel like dancing.

Let it be known also (and more importantly) that this day marks the nativity of my dear friend forever, Jessie. She is a wonderful person who is now 28 years old. This upside down picture which is hilarious to me, is of us in Austin where we were frolicking in the Greenbelt (am I crazy or is that what it's called?). We have had so many adventures together, and most of my pictures for about 7 years of my life starting in 10th grade are of me and Jess doing something crazy, fun, or serious, like entering chickens at the fair. Borrowed chickens. In any case, I love you Jess, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Here are some of Jessie's best qualities:
1. wisdom
2. common sense/practicality
3. fun loving/sense of humor
4. soft hair
5. honesty
6. reliability
7. ability to stay up late talking when 9 months pregnant
8. ability to operate large blue motor vehicles
9. loving heart (this is why she's so honest)
10. organization/planning

This may sound like just a list but I can sit here and think of multiple ways these have exhibited themselves over the years, and I am smiling. The list is definitely not comprehensive.

In closing, I'd like to quote a song or two that I find appropriate for the occasion

"Jessie is a friend
She's always been a good friend of mine..."
(I took some license and changed the actual spelling of the name Jesse)

-Rick Springfield

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jessie
Happy Birthday to you
and many more

"Jessie paint your picture
Bout how it's gonna be
By now I should know better
Your dreams are never free
But tell me all about our little trailer by the sea
Cause Jessie, you can always
Sell any dream to me"
-can't remember artist

Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Sis

Ruthie loves her little brother. She is having some major adjustments as far as she and I are concerned, but she doesn't seem to hold it against Mac. She kisses him and touches his nose and covers him and bounces his bouncy seat and is an attentive sister. The hard part so far is when I'm nursing Mac and I can't attend to her every need. If anyone out there has advice for this transition from one to two feel free to pass it on! Especially these early days.

Mac is a good little boy, usually only crying when he's hungry or during his designated fussy time of the day. He loves looking around at black and white objects, or faces, and he responds to music and lights really well. ( I should take him to Vegas.) He wakes up about every three hours at night, and sleeps from feeding to feeding, which is wonderful to me. It is so sweet to hold my newborn son and think of what he will grow to be. Posted by Picasa