Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Jay's mom and step-dad were visiting Mother's Day weekend. Here is JuJu with all her Virginia kids.

I never am in pictures since I take all pictures, so for this day I made a point to get a pic with all the kids. They are such a blessing!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Cheese Stands Alone

Ahhh, spring on the farm...

the classic red barn...

a corn crib...

Depression era farmhouse kitchen...

lil' red tractor...

a baby pig peeing in a puddle and then drinking from it....(too hilarious not to document)

more little piggies sacked out in the sun...

and Mama Pig, totally sacked out (note tongue lolling) with babes suckling and tugging. She didn't move a muscle. I guess since I'm also a nursing mama, this struck me as extra funny. Wish I could just lay down and let the babe nurse at will. Well, at least I don't have 10 or so little ones all the same age needing milk. I hope these little piggies buy their mom a great Mothers' Day present and bring her breakfast in bed (no bacon though).

Saturday we went to Frying Pan Farm, a 1930s farm run by our county. It is a working farm, with all forms of livestock, an equestrian center, and beautiful fields from which they stock their farmer's market. They also have many of the original buildings from the 30s, like the dairy, farmhouse and smokehouse. It was fun and interesting, the kids loved it and it was FREE!

Ruthie goes to Mt. Vernon

I entitled this Ruthie goes to Mt. Vernon because she was the star of the day. She was so excited to wear her new colonial dress and everyone wanted to take her picture or be in a picture with her. They all smiled and said, "I love your dress!" and Ruthie learned to say "thankyou" and answer a few questions for kind strangers. I liked all the attention not for the attention's sake, but for one, because I know she didn't wear the dress to get attention, she wore it because she loves it; and two, because it forced her out of her shyness and taught her to step out of her little "Ruthie zone" and speak to people. I was proud of her, and I think it was a good thing for her. She did get tired of all the attention, but maintained her politeness throughout.

This was my first solo excursion with all four kids, so it was a victory in that sense, and just fun to be out in the lovely springiness of this area. We packed a lunch, walked up our trail and had lunch, where we providentially met one of Ruthie's favorite creatures, a chestnut horse, ridden by a friendly US Park Police lady. It made Ruthie's day and she was very bold in petting King and getting her picture with him. Stay tuned for her big debut at Pony Camp this summer! She can't wait. Mt. Vernon, of course, "was robed in the loveliness of Spring," and we enjoyed the colorful garden and green lawn and baby sheep.

Ruthie and King.

Ruthie and her friend Patsy. ( I think this is actually Patsy's daughter Nellie, but we pretend she is Patsy.)

The boys will not pose for pictures anymore.

The beautiful, lush, wooded trail leading to Mt.Vernon.

Winter Project #4

Presenting Peter's baby quilt! I wanted to do a quilt for sweet baby #4, and my friend Andrea was glad to help- in fact she did most of the work on it. I picked the fabric and did some cutting and sewing, under her tutelage, and then she put the whole thing together while I was in the hospital having Peter. I love how the quilt turned out, and it will be something I hope he'll use for his babies in the future. Don't you just love a bright, cottony, cozy quilt?

Peter is trying to be a quilt patch. Very still. Very bright.