Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have been wanting to get a picture of this place and post it for months. It is my favorite store in Mobile. One stop shopping. And an abundance of white stone lions.

Monday, June 15, 2009

how you know your child is addicted to the song Ice Ice Baby

Sitting in the minivan (oh yes I forgot to post back in January that we are now owners of a minivan) your 4 year old daughter says:

"Mommy, tomorrow at breakfast I'm going to kick my juice."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thumb sucker

Playdates with Isabelle

The top picture is Harris and Isabelle's (daughter of Jen and Brandon McShea) first playdate back in May. The second one is roughly 3 weeks later. They really had fun together and decided they want to get married someday.

baby boy drinks from a bottle!!

These pictures are so exciting to me! Ruth and Mac never took a bottle, so having a bottle drinker this time gives me a little more freedom. Plus it is sweet to see others feeding my sweet baby. Here is Daddy feeding Harris, and Jay's mom Judi (Ju Ju) and my mom, Nonni. (Please note Jay's shirt in the picture, SBP 1997, his most favorite and most ratty shirt.)

First Bath

Harris's First Beach Trip

I'm backtracking again...This is Harris enjoying the beach at Gulf Shores in May. Our wonderful friends Craig and Cary Perry were there and we got to go spend the night with them, along with Jen McShea and lil Isabelle. It was fun with all our children running around, and so good to be with sweet friends. Harris loved the beach, as you can tell.

Our New Home-To-Be

Here is a picture of the house Jay found for us on his travels up to the DC area. I am very excited about moving into a new house and decorating and arranging furniture and all that fun stuff. There are four bedrooms, so that means guestroom!! The front yard that looks like dirt here has been sodded since this picture was taken. There is a fenced in backyard that is woodsy and has a patio, two sheds, and a firepit. We are very near Jay's work, several military bases, parks and historic sites, all of which are great for us. I am looking forward to our home sweet home.